Solo Travel: Why We Love It & Why You Will Too

There is something so special about the first time you travel… and something even more precious about the first time you travel alone. It is the feeling of possibility, of unknowns, of hope mixed with a little fear, and of course, butterflies flitting in your stomach.

As you say your farewells at the departure gate, and check and re-check you have your passport, you share a commonality with every solo traveler who has gone before you. Except now, you get to experience the rush, excitement, and growth for yourself.



“Some journeys can be only travelled alone”

Ken Poirot


Travelling alone can be a truly beneficial experience; you get to know yourself in ways that only happen outside of your comfort zone, forge relationships without the safety net of a travel partner, and do exactly what you choose to do. Do you want to have jam-packed days, rising at 6AM and staying out until late? Or do you prefer to take it easy, spending a week in each destination, and rising late to grab a coffee in town? This is a great opportunity to set your own pace.

Here at The Travel Specialists, there is nothing more enthusing than meeting a client who wants to embark on a solo journey, whether it be their first or fifth. We are honoured to share in your dream adventure and are thrilled to help curate the trip of a lifetime.



Where, what and when?

As a boutique travel company, we aim to offer a range of itineraries to suit all types of travelers, at all times of the year. Whether you’re a solo traveler looking to join an escorted tour to witness the thrilling Wildebeest Migration, or you’re looking to join a scheduled departure such as one of beloved train journeys through India, we have something for you.

For the more laidback, choose from one of our self-drive itineraries and cruise your way along the coast lapping up the sights at your own pace. Alternatively, for those looking to live out the solo trip of their dreams, our travel consultants can craft a custom-made itinerary to include your ideal areas, accommodations, and experiences.

At The Travel Specialists, solo traveling does not have to be an intimidating experience. With a team of knowledgeable consultants at your disposal, all with over 10 years’ experience under their belts, you can feel comforted by the fact they have got your back 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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Our website offers an array of itineraries suited to the solo traveler, depending on style of travel, accommodation preference and country. Below are a few example itineraries suited to someone embarking on a solo journey:

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