Highlights of Cuba

One of the most enigmatic places in the World is Cuba. Best known for the revolution (1953 – 59) led by Fidel Castro, the country is only now emerging from the 1950’s, and moving into the 21st Ccentury with its exciting bars and buzzy cafes. This tour visits the excitement of Havana, the historic Trinidad and Santa Clara, where the famous revolutionary Che Guevara is buried, as well as Vinales, where the tobacco for the famous cuban cigars is grown.

Best of Cuba

Cuba is country full of history, colour and warm and inviting people. This tour will showcase Cuba’s distinctive cities that still retain the 1950’s charm for which the country is renowned. Discover Cuba’s revolutionary history in Santiago de Cuba and Trinidad and see the colonial architecture of Havana as well as some of the country’s best natural sites in Vinales and Trinidad. You will also have the chance to visit smaller towns such as the renowned Baracoa, Camaguey and Cienfuegos.

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