Zimbabwe vs. Zambia

Located in Southern Africa, we take a closer look at two of the more untouched and relatively remote areas of this vast continent. Read on as we compare and contrast Zambia and Zimbabwe.  We’ll showcase the scenery, activities, accommodation and some of the wildlife interactions you can expect from each…


A landlocked country home to Victoria Falls, breathtaking game reserves and spectacular sights, we tell you why Zimbabwe should be next on your list…

Victoria Falls

With about two thirds of the Victoria Falls able to be viewed from Zimbabwe, it certainly is the place to be if you’re short on time! Stay in town where the falls are just a short walk away. From here you can enjoy a range of incredible activities such as white water rafting, bungee jumping and helicopter tours. The Zimbabwe side offers more viewpoints than the Zambian side as well as the chance to see the Main Falls. We strongly recommend bringing a raincoat– but be prepared to get soaked anyway!

Hwange National Park

Sharing a border with Botswana, Hwange National Park is the largest game reserve in Zimbabwe. Offering an incredible range of scenery and wildlife including lion, leopard rhino and elephant, explore the natural wonders of this area on day and night drives and walking safaris.

Mana Pools National Park

If you’re in search of an untouched and remote wilderness experience, you can’t beat Mana Pools National Park. See a variety of unique animals in this area, set against the breathtaking backdrop of the Zambezi River. For the ultimate luxury adventure, our specialists recommend staying at Chikwenya and John’s Camp.


Most of the accommodation on the Zimbabwe side of the falls are located close to the falls.  All you have to do is simply choose the best place to relax on your Zimbabwean getaway! Our specialists recommend the historic Victoria Falls Hotel or for those looking for some a little more luxe, Old Drift Lodge offers the perfect escape; offering game drives and river safaris.


Boasting incredible natural scenery and stunning wildlife, Zambia is somewhere you simply have to see to believe…

Victoria Falls

If you’re thinking about visiting Zambia, it’s more than likely Victoria Falls is on your list of things to see! Zambia offers incredible views of the falls during the wet season and a range of unique experiences. Enjoy breathtaking views from the Knife-edge Bridge and for the more adventurous, journey out to Livingstone Island or the Devil’s Pool to get a view over the edge of the falls.

South Luangwa National Park

Home to a variety of landscapes, South Luangwa is one of the most breathtaking national parks in the world. Navigate arid bushveld, forests and lush green plains that give life to over 60 different animal species and 400 different bird species. Enjoy the thrill of safari in South Luangwa and the chance to see incredible animals such as leopard, elephant, buffalo and hippo…


Offering truly wonderful wilderness experiences, Zambia can be the perfect place to escape the crowds. Lodge accommodation offers a chance to get close to nature and enjoy some peace and isolation. We recommend lodges such as Mfuwe Lodge and  Kapamba Bush Camp. However, keep in mind that the camps are closed from November until the end of the April. If you’re looking for accommodation close to Victoria Falls, Toka Leya and Tongabezi both offer unsurpassable luxury…

Zimbabwe or Zambia? We don’t think we’ll ever be able to choose! They both have lots to offer and have plenty of different experiences available. If you’re as indecisive as we are, we highly recommend organising a KAZA Univisa, allowing you to visit both Zimbabwe and Zambia (and even enjoy day trips to Botswana!) Understandably, Victoria Falls is a big deciding factor for a lot of people. If you’re really pressed for time and can only visit one country, we recommended Zimbabwe as it offers a range of activities and viewpoints. Accommodation on this side is also closer to the actual falls.

Make sure you see more than just the falls though, these two incredible countries have lots to offer! Enjoy exploring spectacular scenery and sighting some of the most stunning animals in the world…

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