Why Zanzibar?

Zanzibar is in East Africa. It’s not a country but an island that is considered a “semi-autonomous region” of Tanzania.  Commonly mistaken to be one island, it’s actually an archipelago of many islands. Intrigued?

Zanzibar has our team of African Specialists under its’ spell.  Beautiful and left undiscovered by many, it’s a destination that seems to have it all.

The distinct and ethnical history of Zanzibar is a fascinating account.  Blended by travellers that have passed through across centuries. From Arabs, and Indians, to Persians and Europeans and even the Chinese.  Each has left a lasting mark in the form of architectural styles and culture that now contribute to the undeniable charm of this exotic destination.

Read on to discover why we think Zanzibar should be on your bucket list…

Incredible culture & history

Stone Town is the capital of Zanzibar and is recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This antiquated city has protected hints of most historical events that happened in it. The Anglican and Catholic churches remind you of the colonial advent on the island, while the mosques, Omani palaces, the old forts and cannons radiate touches of the Sultan’s statehood presence. The intricate carved entryways and latticed windows infer the Swahili essence of the island. Fresh spices on offer in the stalls bring infer the island’s ancient significance on the spice route. Zanzibar’s Stone Town has protected the vast majority of its marvels and prefers the quiet, laid-back pace of regular day to day life.

Pristine beaches

Zanzibar’s coast features the untouched turquoise waters of the warm Indian Ocean.  Stretch out on a quaint daybed or on a hammock strung between two palm trees and experience the kind of serenity only Zanzibar can promise.  Feel the warm tropical sun glistening between the gaps in the leaves of the palms while the soft breezes carry the unique fragrance of spices.  The only sounds you can hear are the gentle waves lapping on the shore and the rustling of the trees. Lined with palm trees and filled with perfect white sand, Zanzibar proves time and again to be the ultimate beach destination.

Magnificent snorkelling and scuba diving sites

The Zanzibar archipelago is surrounded by beautiful coral reefs, hidden in the shimmering turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. There is so much on offer as you enjoy the warm waters of Zanzibar.  The glistening sun lights up the many shades of the living coral and the multi-coloured diversity of fish. Zanzibar offers both shallow and deep sites to explore, which make its reefs ideal for snorkelling and scuba diving. Filled with an incredible array of coral, whales, and fish, the colourful underwater of Zanzibar is a divers dream.

Spice farms

For centuries Zanzibar’s spices have pulled in fans from around the globe, and today the trend continues. The incredible soil of the island is perfect for developing many spices, including, cloves, nutmeg, turmeric, cinnamon, and many more. While in Zanzibar you can visit the spice plantations and witness the flowers of the spices before they become what you see on the supermarket shelves.  While visiting the spice and fruit farmlands, you will learn about the individual flavours they loan to any cuisine.  Spices have astonishing restorative advantages that can be used to cure numerous illnesses.  Used as colouring and as a component in cosmetics, spices boast a wide variety of uses.  See the cinnamon being harvested from the bark of the tree and sample the exotic fruits being brought down from the trees.

There are so many rich and wonderfully unique experiences on offer in Zanzibar.   Come explore and you too will soon be under it’s spell.

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