Why Cuba?

Not only is it one of the most enigmatic places in the world, but also as Cuba emerges from a 1950s time warp there is a lot to be excited about. Our South American Travel Specialists share why you should consider Cuba as well as a few handy travel tips…

Cuban Beaches

Cuba is filled with hundreds of beaches spread across the Northern Atlantic Ocean and South Caribbean coast. Lined with white sand and offering breathtaking ocean views, there’s nothing more picturesque.

Some of our favourite beaches are situated in the popular resort town of Guardalavaca; famous for its warm turquoise waters and glistening white sand beaches. Popular beaches include, Esmeralda and Pesquero; complete with crystal clear waters offering widespread offshore coral reefs featuring abundant marine life. 

Another favourite, Playa Ancón situated in Trinidad; unlike Guardalavaca, Playa Ancón is much quieter and less touristy. With roughly 4km of beautiful white sand, the beach offers ample opportunities for snorkelling and scuba diving in the warm Caribbean waters.

Vintage Cars

There’s truly nowhere else in the world where you’ll find this many vintage American cars. Since the American trade embargo in 1960, Cuba has maintained the original class of its classic cars.

Havana without a doubt is the best place to see them and take a ride. You’ll find that these cars have been exquisitely maintained and impressively so without access to original spare parts.

Explore the streets and discover an array of cars you thought you’d never see again; take pictures, have a chat to the drivers and embrace the living history.

Cuban Cigars

Authentic Cuban Cigars are perhaps what Cuba is most famous for. There are a few areas renowned for their high quality tobacco, Vinales and Pinar del Río being our top picks. 

Enjoy walking tours of tobacco plantations and cigar factories to get an in depth insight from local farmers and workers about how the famous “Cuban Cigars” are created.

Tobacco continues to be a prominent part of Cuba’s economy and there’s nothing like the opportunity to experience the cigar production from behind-the-scenes.

Travel Tips

  • Make sure you get a Cuban visa before you travel
  • Learn a little Spanish before you go
  • Bring Euros or GBP rather than AUD because the exchange rate is better
  • Explore the museums and embrace the culture
  • Have fun!

There’s so much to see and do in this spectacular country. From the exciting Havana with its vintage cars to the historic Trinidad, and Vinales, famous for growing tobacco for the famous Cuban cigars; wherever in Cuba you go, there’s an exciting adventure just round the corner.

Please note this information is current at the time this blog was published in August 2018.  It is recommended before travelling to connect with our South American Travel Specialist team who will be able to provide you with the latest updates on political climate and travel within this area.

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