Why Africa is a great experience for teens…

They become your travelling companions

The great thing about taking kids on safari was they became more like travelling companions, rather than staying in their traditional teenage familial role of dependents. It’s an age when the whole family can be a lot more adventurous in the choice of destination. Instead of flopping at a holiday resort and seeing the kids off for the day, you can enjoy an experience together.

They witness a new culture and environment first-hand

Our kids became immersed in the overall safari experience. They learnt about the ecosystem from our fun and engaging guides, who as your personal drivers, become incredible sources of information, nothing like what’s learned in the classroom. The kids completely forgot about social media and were able to just connect with nature.

They couldn't wait for the next day’s adventure and were emotionally invested and hungry to absorb everything they were witnessing. Experiencing a deep dive into village culture, being invited into mud huts and dancing with traditional tribe members, as well as hanging with the kids created an enriching experience and gave them pause on their own lives in Australia.

They develop an appreciation for nature

Every day in Africa is different. The terrain, the sky, the local people you come across in villages and of course the animals. They’re the stars of the show. In one breathe, a dazzle of zebras crosses the road in front of you and as you turn your eyes, you see a majestic tower of giraffes striding out of the bush, followed by a family of elephants entering stage left and a startled herd of impala not too sure where to go.

They can experience a global sense of connection

A trip like this can only happen with the relationship that develops with the magnificent inhabitants of this great continent; the beautiful African people who make it all worthwhile. Coming from Australia, our children discovered a more global view of humanity, that probably wasn’t possible if they’d never set foot on the savannah.

I didn't realise before this experience how relaxing and soothing it would be out in the bush witnessing an incredible sunrise at the beginning of each day and an equally beautiful sunset at the end. This is one of the first holidays I have come back home energised and looking forward to the next adventure. My kids have already told me they're in for another family adventure in Africa!


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