Where to find Latin Dance in South America

Looking for Latin Dance in South America? As the hub of culture, colour, adventure, food and festivities, it’s not hard to find.  What a great experience it is to explore this continents impressive dance scene. No matter what city you’re in, you will find striking Latin dancers, taking their art form to the streets. Continue reading for our top 3 recommendations on where you can find Latin Dance in South America.

Tango – Buenos Aires, Argentina

Firstly, the best city for you to catch the Tango is Buenos Aires, a colourful city buzzing with energy throughout the year. Fill the tango shaped void in your life with tango lessons, available just about everywhere, from cafes to dance studios. Once you’ve mastered the basics, head to one of Buenos Aires’ legendary milongas and dance the night away.

Experience the tango in all its glory and visit Buenos Aires during August to catch one of the largest tango festivals in South America.  The Tango Festival y Mundial is organised by the city of Buenos Aires.  This is a spectacle you won’t want to miss.  If you’re looking for more of a contemporary beat, neo-tango is worth seeking out.  Popular in clubs and bars, neo tango is an exciting fusion of traditional and electronic tango music. The Argentinean nightlife is an experience like no other.  The party gets started at midnight and continues through to the very early hours.

Salsa – Santiago de Cali, Columbia

Next up, Santiago de Cali, Cali for short, commonly known as the “world capital of Salsa”.  Here you can find more than 200 salsa dance schools and over 80 salsa orchestras. People from far and wide come to experience the salsa infused, Feria de Cal in December, and the International Salsa festival in September. Cali itself is oozing with charisma and charm. Wherever you go you’ll feel the rhythm of salsa. Whether its music in local restaurants or dancers on the street, the excitement and passion of Salsa can be found on every corner.

 Samba – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Thirdly, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is home to the well-known Samba.  This is a city filled with excitement and colour. No matter where you go, you’re sure to find Samba lessons.  Perhaps the most famous latin dance in South America is the Samba Parade. This Parade celebrates the Rio Carnival (typically in February of every year).  An extravaganza unlike any other, the Samba Parade is a jaw-dropping event because of its incredible floats, spectacular costumes and vibrant party atmosphere.

The Samba parade involves Samba schools competing to be one of the top 12.  This accolade rewards the lucky winners with the opportunity to showcase singing, dancing and their lavish float in a 75-minute presentation.   Held in the Sambodromo, the Samba parade is the largest and most extravagant in Brazil. If you’re not travelling to Brazil when the parade is in session, there are still plenty of opportunities to experience Brazils signature dance; from dancers in the street to private samba classes, Brazil is the heart of samba.

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