The Salkantay Adventure

The Salkantay adventure is the ultimate 10-day lodge-to-lodge trek exploring the sacred haven of the Incas on a physical as well as cultural and spiritual journey. This exciting adventure is one of our special edition 50th Anniversary gold collection itineraries.  Here are some highlights that our South American Travel Specialist got pretty excited by:

Humantay Lagoon

First up is one of the most spectacular natural sites in Peru, Humantay Lagoon. Boasting crystal turquoise waters, this lagoon is one of my absolute favourites. Surrounded by mountains and lakes filled by the Humanatay glacier, the scenery surrounding this beautiful lake is jaw dropping.  Be sure to take advantage of any opportunity to witness this Lagoon in all its remarkable beauty.

Local Villages

Peru is home to the Andean community so there are plenty of villages throughout the countryside. I always recommend a village visit. Because it delivers an authentic experience of traditional life in an Andean community. The Salkantay Adventure will provide you with plenty of opportunities to visit some of these villages. I love to hear stories about various ancient traditions.  I think seeing them still being practiced today in all of their authenticity is an absolute privilege.


Located 5km west from Machu Picchu is Llactapata, an archaeological site that sits over 2,000m above sea level and is an extension of the Inca Trail.   This “off the beaten track” site is the perfect vantage point to see Machu Picchu from behind. Once you see Llactapata, Machu Picchu will be even more mind blowing.  Here you will see that Llactapata is an extensive complex of structures which relate to and are an extension of Machu Picchu.

 Machu Picchu

The greatest highlight of the journey is of course, Machu Picchu. The most popular site of Incan civilisation, this site is a pure masterpiece of engineering and architecture.  Machu Picchu is believed to have been used as a sanctuary and leisure residence for the Inca community. Listen up and stay close to your guide as there are so many valuable insights about the site. Furthermore, learn about the incredible history and culture associated with this truly awe-inspiring Inca site.

We are giving away a Canon camera and a set of Nikon binoculars with every Gold Collection Salkantay Adventure booked.  So celebrate with us and book your Incan adventure today!

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