The Larco Museum

The only Peruvian museum listed on the Trip Advisors Travellers Choice Top 25 best museums in the world. From its stunning garden surrounds and rich history, through to its collection of cultural objects and fascinating pieces; there’s so much more to this museum as you’ll soon find out…


Founded in 1926 by then 25 year old Rafael Larco Hoyle; the museum’s impressive collection of artefacts started with a Moche portrait vessel depicting a noble member of society adorned with a bird’s head headdress, gifted to Rafael by his father. Housed within an 18th century viceroyalty mansion, Museo Larco (Larco Museum) surrounds itself with meticulous gardens; creating a remarkable atmosphere of contemporary as well as historic. Filled with permanent exhibitions, the museum is the best place to discover over 5,000 years of ancient Peruvian history.

The Museum

Permanent Exhibition

First of all, there is the Permanent Exhibition of the Museo Larco.  It is here that you will uncover the thousands of years of Peruvian history via an impressive collection of Pre-Colombian art as well as ancient artefacts.

This inspiring and thought provoking exhibition provides its visitors with an unparalleled experience of the rich history of Peru told through the magnificent masterpieces.

The exhibition showcases each aspect of the lives of those living in ancient Peru. Discover a whole lot about civilisations that are thousands of years old. 13 rooms in the exhibition showcase the cultures and textiles of Ancient Peru,  various ceremonial artefacts, ritual warfare and music, death in Ancient Peru as well as an enormous collection of ancient gold and jewellery.

Erotic Room

Located on the other side of the museum, the Erotic Room is a single exhibition comprising of a large ancient pottery collection.  This collection depicts the desire, attraction and coming together of two people in Ancient Peru. Consequently, this exhibition provides a unique perspective on Ancient Peruvian sexuality.

 Visible Storage

The only museum in Peru and one of the few in the world that offer public access to their storeroom. The Museo Larco houses an impressive collection of 30,000 catalogued pottery artefacts.

Additionally, you have the opportunity to wander through storerooms filled with rows and rows of shelves of artefacts.  So, delve into the history and discover this ancient world.

The Museo Larco Café-Restaurant

The Museo Larco Café-Restaurant provides guests with a delicious taste of the very best of Peruvian and international cuisine.  The atmosphere is relaxed set within the beautiful gardens of the Museo Larco.

With a diverse and exclusive homemade menu, the restaurant strives to rediscover traditional flavours, products as well as customs from the different regions of Peru.  So, expect extraordinary South American gastronomy.

The museum is located in Lima, only half an hour from the airport and easily accessible from anywhere in the city.  Open everyday, you don’t need to plan ahead unless travelling in a group of over 20 where tour bookings are essential. The Museo Larco is a must see for anyone interested in Peru’s fascinating history.  The experience offers visitors an exceptional overview of Ancient Peru.

Reference:  Thank you Museo Larco

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