Snow Camping in Antarctica

Snow Camping under the stars in Antarctica is an experience like no other. Imagine lying in your sleeping bag, falling asleep to the sounds of icebergs and glaciers fragmenting and water and ice washing into the beach. There is truly nothing in the world quite like it. Read on for some tips on getting the best out of your Antarctic Snow camping experience.

What do I bring?

Camping in Antarctica is similar to normal outdoor camping; however food and drinks (except for water) are NOT allowed on the ice. Because of this, make sure you enjoy your hearty dinner on board before stepping out on to the ice.

Your clothing should be the same as they be would for any other excursion ashore. Bring a pair of dry socks and a set of thermal underwear to sleep in. Additionally, it’s a good idea to bring a beanie or warm hat to keep your head warm.  Antarctica does get very cold at night. Lastly, do not forget your camera! This is an experience you will want to reminisce on for many years to come and it would be a shame if you couldn’t take any photos.

What is provided?

Your cruise operator should provide most if not all of the camping gear required for a night ashore. One Ocean Expeditions provides everything you need, from -15° Celsius sleeping bags, to a small ‘out hose’ tent with a port-a-loo. Additionally, to create the ultimate outdoors experience, One Ocean provides Gore-Tex ‘bivvy bags’; warmer than a tent and designed to keep your sleeping bag dry and increase warming capacity by approximately 10 degrees. With a Gore-Tex bivvy bag, you truly fall asleep watching the stars above.  There is nothing between you and the spectacular Antarctic landscape.

Additional Tips:

  • At night, it is not expected that temperatures will drop below -2 or -3° Celsius, however just in case, the sleeping bag you have should be suited to at least -10° Celsius.
  • Ensure your water bottle is full to ensure you don’t run out and find yourself thirsty in the middle of the night.
  • Make sure you’ve eaten a proper meal before stepping onto the ice, because you can’t bring any snacks ashore.
  • If you need total darkness to fall asleep, bring a sleep mask because it will still be fairly bright even at 11pm.

Once you’ve awoken from your night of camping, it’s back to the ship to enjoy a sumptuous breakfast and nice hot shower before heading out on new and exciting activities planned for the day ahead.

References: Thank you One Ocean Expeditions

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