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One of the most threatened species in Africa is the rhinoceros. This incredible creature is poached for its horn, in the misguided belief it has certain healing properties. It is now a valuable commodity to trade. With demand for rhino horn now at the highest level in history, read on and discover how two leading conservation and tourism companies have teamed up to translocate 100 rhinos to the safe haven of Botswana…

Poaching Threat

Rhino horns hold immense value to poachers.  A common misconception is that Rhino horn aids men’s virility. Although inaccurate, this is a myth that now feeds demand.  Traditional Chinese medicine uses rhino horn in the treatment of various ailments including snakebites, hallucinations as well as gout. Furthermore, to some cultures the horn represents success, status and wealth.

Since 2008, over 7,000 rhinos have been poached in South Africa. A rhino is killed every 7.5 hours; there are more rhinos killed every year than there are being born.


The continuous threat to and obliteration of, the rhino population led to the establishment of Rhinos Without Borders. An initiative of Great Plains Conservation and andBeyond, the program aims to combat the threat of poaching with relocation.

It began with a simple concept– to take rhino from an area with a high poaching threat and transfer them to a low threat area. In Botswana there is a “no tolerance” policy towards poaching threats.


This pioneering project first relocated six rhinos to the Okavango Delta in 2013. Once settled and content, andBeyond partnered with Great Plains Conservation to continue moving a further 100 rhino away from the threats they face in South Africa.

The survival and well-being of rhinos is a top priority throughout the relocation process. Aircraft transfers assist with reducing stress as does considering the most comfortable season to relocate. The availability of food, reliable water sources as well as environment are key factors when deciding on new locations.

Support for the Program

Believe it or not, moving these great animals is not an easy task! The transportation of each individual rhino costs $45,000 USD and the entire project requires a budget of $4.5 million.

This remarkable program needs your support and every dollar counts! Your donations will help purchase things such as veterinary assistance, quarantine care, armed security as well as aircraft hire. It will also assist in the establishment of community education. Additionally, these programs aim to educate local communities about protecting against the threat of poaching, an essential element in preserving the future of rhinos.

So, to find out more information about the fantastic work of Rhinos Without Borders, or to donate to this great cause, please click here.…

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