Unbeknown to most travellers, Ladakh is a stunning region in Northern India set amongst the Himalayas with breathtaking scenery and monuments. Here’s a little bit about Ladakh and why this beautifully picturesque destination should be on your bucket list.

Where is Ladakh?

Ladakh spans across the northwest area of the Indian state, Jammu and Kashmir, located north of Himachal Pradesh. It’s a breathtaking mountain range region with a population of just over 200,000 people. Its remote location as well as natural beauty are only a few reasons why this region is somewhere you have to visit.


Ladakh offers some of the highest mountain peaks and passes you can trek in the world. If you’re someone that loves the outdoors, Ladakh is perfect for you.

The Chadar-Trek is one of the most exciting as it treks over the frozen Zanskar River. It’s a fairly challenging trek but if you’re an adrenaline junkie, this is definitely something you’ll love.

Another great trek is the Markha Valley trek. This trek is more for beginners and is an amazing trip that introduces you to the magical and remote Buddhist Kingdom of Ladakh.

Ancient Buddhist Monasteries

Ladakh is home to some of the most striking Buddhist monasteries; with a strong Buddhist culture spanning centuries, these monasteries are a part of history. There are large number of you can visit; some of the most famous are Shey, Hemis Monastery, Lamayuru and Rangdum. We’ve only listed a few but there are dozens more, each just as beautiful as the next.


You may not expect such a remote area to be highly well known for its festivals, but let us assure you, Ladakh is the place to be for vibrant spectacles showcasing the Indian and Tibetan culture.

One of the most popular festivals is the Hemis Festival. The two-day Hemis Festival is held to celebrate the victory of good over evil. Dedicated to the birth of Buddhist Lord Padmasambhava – the founder of Vajrayana Buddhism in Ladakh, Hemis festival is celebrated on the 10th day of the Tibetan lunar month.

All festival activities take place at the Hemis Monastery – Ladakh’s largest and most affluent Buddhist monastery.

Depicting the tales of war between good and evil, the Chams (masked performers) dominate the festival with their vibrant dance moves. Dressed in bright coloured attire and paper-mache masks, coupled with dance and the sounds of traditional music makes this event an incredible experience to behold

In 2018 Hemis will be celebrated from the 23rd to 24th of July.


If you have a passion for shooting with your lens, Ladakh is perhaps your dream destination. With everything from striking mountains to beautiful deserts and rivers, your landscape photography options are endless. In Ladakh you truly have the most gorgeous backdrop for any photo. Of course you can’t afford to miss a photo of the heavenly sunrises and sunsets creating dramatic rainbows of colour across the mountains and lighting up the sky like no where else.

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