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An India experience done right is unforgettable.  Expect colour and culture that dives into an unparalleled and fascinating history. It really is a delight for all the senses. However, India done wrong is unforgettable for all the wrong reasons. This week we share 5 top tips on ensuring your India experience is the very best kind of memorable…

#1 Don’t try fit too much in too little time

India is an incredible country and filled with thousands of things to see and do.  It’s completely natural to want to see it all, but that’s just not ideal. Avoid a rushed experience that leaves you exhausted.  You won’t get to enjoy one of the world’s most beautiful countries.

Instead of trying to tick everything off your list in one trip, focus on a few places at a time. There’s nothing worse than coming home from a holiday exhausted and not being able to remember each and every place you visited.

 #2 Don’t drink tap water

It’s an obvious one, but more than just drinking water, be cautious of salads or anything that could’ve been washed with tap water. Be sure to only drink bottled water wherever you go in India.  The last thing you want is ending up unwell for the duration of your holiday.

In addition, be careful with what you eat. If you don’t have a strong stomach you may find yourself slightly ill after a very spicy meal. Furthermore be cautious with street food, assess if they’re cooking everything fresh or if the food has been out for a while. The best way to pick somewhere with good hygiene and fresh food is to go to the busiest street vendors, packed with locals.

#3 Explore South India

For many, the first and only area people visit is the infamous ‘Golden Triangle’ in North India, without even giving Southern India a second thought. However, places like Goa and Kerala are also must see destinations.

South India is completely different to North India. Think beautiful beaches, enchanting backwaters, rich culture and some of the most delicious food you’ve ever tasted.

#4 Pack properly

A good tip for travelling anywhere is to pack properly. Pack according to the season and the region you’re going to. During summer, India is fairly hot if you’re not going to North East India and the Himalayan region. In summer you’ll only really need lightweight clothes.  Make sure you have clothes appropriate for visiting certain temples that require you to wear a long skirt or pants and have your shoulders covered.  For women,  consider carrying a light scarf for such purposes.

In winter you might want to pack some warmer clothes as it can get a little chilly depending where you are. December to February is typically winter in north India and temperatures can drop to 5° in the early morning and at night so don’t forget to pack a jacket.

Travelling during monsoon season is very very wet and you’ll definitely need a rain jacket. From around June to September is typical monsoon season. Depending what you want to see in India, travelling during monsoon may not be the best option, but have a chat to our India Tours and Travel Specialists for the best time to travel.

#5 Safety

As with travelling to any foreign country, you’ve got to be extra cautious with your safety. We highly recommend never walking outside by yourself particularly at night, especially if you’re a woman. Be prepared for a lot of stares and always be vigilant with your valuables. You’ll need to be a lot more cautious in North India, as states in the south, particularly Kerala are very safe and you’ll notice a very big difference in the atmosphere there compared to the rest of India.

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