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Traditional food in India is a melange of spices and flavour that originate from a wide variety of regional cuisine. Influenced by religious and cultural choices,  the many known and unknown dishes will surprise and delight! Our India Tours and Travel Specialists share their top 10 dishes….



“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

Virginia Woolf, A Room of One’s Own


Vada Pav

This delicious street food originates in Mumbai and even has its own “Vada Pav Day” on August 23rd. Beloved by the masses (and by India Tours & Travel Specialist, Sean!), Vada Pav is a dish that even the fussiest of eaters will love. Consisting of a fluffy cloud-like pav, a dollop of chutney and a crispy golden potato vada housed inside, the simplicity of this dish is what makes it so good. Offered at almost every Mumbai railway station, this is the perfect snack for the on-the-go explorer…


Pani Puri

One of the most well loved Indian street foods, the exact origins of Pani Puri are unknown. This unique dish is made from a crisp deep-fried hollow piece of dough.  Pani Puri is the size of a tennis ball.   Inside there is a mashed potato mix, chickpeas or chutney. Perhaps counter-intuitively, it is then dipped into flavoured water­­, often tamarind. Whilst dipping crisps into water may seem unusual, we promise this is a classic case of don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!



Bhelpuri is type of savoury snack.  Made from puffed rice, fried noodles, potato and onion mixed with a chat masala and chutney mix. Thought to have originated in Mumbai, this chaat (snack food) has spread far and wide.


Hyderabadi Biryani

Biryani is an iconic dish of India originating from Persia and introduced by the Mughals. Many regions have created their own unique version of this wonderful dish; Lucknowi biryani, Kolkata biryani and of course, Hyderabadi biryani.  Hyderabadi biryani is a mouth-watering combination of marinated meat, spiced rice as well as vegetables.



Rogan Josh

Marinated in yoghurt as well as a delicious spice mix prior to cooking, Rogan Josh is a sumptuous curry of slow-cooked lamb (or goat).   Served over plain basmati rice or with a side of naan, this is the perfect hearty meal after a long day of exploring…


Masala Dosa

A variation of the beloved South Indian dosa, Masala dosa is a favourite of Indian Tours & Travel Specialist, Sudarshan. This delicious crisp dosa is made from ground rice and lentils.  You will find it served alongside delicious chutneys, curried potatoes or sambar.


Chilli Bhajis

Deep-fried green chilli stuffed with spiced mashed potato.  This is a unique snack and is a Rajasthani street food icon.   This dish is popular in the monsoon.  However,  we think it makes a great snack all year round (and at all times of the day)!



Said to be a favourite of the Mughal emperors, this divine dessert drink brings together a strange assortment of ingredients to create something truly delicious! A mix of vermicelli noodles, rosewater syrup, basil seeds as well as ice cream, there’s really nothing quite like this!


Gulab Jamun

So, after feasting on street food, curries and everything in between, you can’t go past some Indian dessert! Nothing beats gulab jamun; consisting of small rounds of deep fried milk-based dough smothered in delectable rosewater sugar syrup. Like many Indian dishes, there are variations of this delicious dish– the pantua (mini gulab jamun), the kala jamun (black gulab jamun) as well as the ledikeni. Fortunately, this is a great reason to sample as much gulab jamun as possible!




Alluring coils of orange, this sweet snack is both gorgeous to look at as well as tasty! The iconic jalebi swirls are made from piping a flour, sugar and yoghurt mix into sizzling oil.  Adding saffron creates the distinct orange colour. Enjoy this delicious snack on its own, with a samosa or as a dessert.

These are just 10 of our top Indian dishes!  However there are many amazing dishes and no matter how many times you visit India, there is always something new to try! Featuring an array of spices as well as an impresseive variety, India is the perfect destination for an aspiring foodie to explore…

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