Copa America

A celebration of sport and culture, Copa America is a competition that both unites and divides– when it comes to the score that is! Held every four years, Copa America is a much-anticipated event and an absolute must-see for any soccer fan. This tournament is timed perfectly with the conclusion of our escorted South American Small Group Tour. If you’d love to discover the best of this spectacular continent and witness some of the best soccer in the world, there’s no better time to experience Copa America…

History of the Competition

First held in 1916 to honour 100 years of independence in Argentina, the Copa America has become a mainstay in South American sport. Inclusive of 10 national teams, the tournament hosts Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Venezuela. Additionally, every year since 1993, the event organisers have invited two international teams. Countries such as Japan, Haiti and Mexico have all completed in previous years to keep the competition lively!

2020 Competition

This year, Australia and Qatar are the lucky invitees. Since the tradition of inviting international countries began, no country outside South America has ever won the tournament. However, you never know– perhaps the Socceroos may be the first to upset this record…

Co-hosting the event this year are Colombia and Argentina. The competition will take place between the 12th June and 12th July. The Socceroos will play five games in Argentina, before (hopefully!) playing in the finals…

Copa America will be an important and challenging competition for the Socceroos. Their opening match is against Uruguay, the 15 time winners of the championship. They will also be facing Bolivia for the first time and competing against Argentina, to whom they have not won against since 1988!

Travel With Us

If you’re interested in witnessing this incredible competition, there’s only one way to do it! Explore the best of South America on our escorted South American Small Group Tour, which perfectly concludes the day before the first Australian game.

Showcasing the best of this breathtaking and fascinating continent, our South American Travel Specialist Gisel guides you from the historic city of Lima, to Urubamba and Machu Picchu. Explore the beautiful Cusco and spend three days discovering the incredible Iguazu Falls, before ending in Buenos Aires. From here, the Copa America is yours to follow! Australia’s first game is the following day, and from there are playing four more games.

See the best soccer and the best of South America with the South American Travel Specialists!

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