Argentina vs Brazil

We talk to our South American Travel Specialists about these two popular destinations… The pros and cons, the highlights, the food, the nightlife… Which country will you be heading to next?



Perito Moreno Glacier

Located in the UNESCO World Heritage site, Los Glaciares Natonal Park, the Perito Moreno glacier towers over turquoise glacial water. This gigantic ice sheet is one of the most visited sites in Argentina.

San Telmo

The oldest district of Buenos Aires is San Telmo.  It is full of cobbled streets, old colonial architecture and shady plazas. The most popular attraction is the Sunday “Feria” (market).  Every Sunday locals and tourists fill up Calle Defensa and Plaza Dorrego to visit the many stalls selling antiques as well as hand-made crafts and souvenirs.


Famous for its Parrillas (grill houses), you can’t go past a flame-charred steak in Argentina. Paying tribute to its Italian heritage you’ll find delicious thick crusts on homemade pizza.  Argentina’s gourmet adventure doesn’t stop there, Buenos Aires boasts an innovative, fresh menu of world-class food across many of its fine restaurants.


In Argentina you can expect a vibrant nightlife that starts very late and lasts until sunrise. Buenos Aires is famous for its boliches (nightclubs), bars and cafes. You’ll find that the city is buzzing just about every night on the week.  On the weekend,  is when you will see it at its peak, with everyone out for the night.


  • Diverse landscapes – Patagonia, Atlantic coast, Andes, the Pampas
  • Buzzing metropolitan capital city –Buenos Aires
  • Culture ­– Tango, soccer
  • Gourmet cuisine


  • Argentina is notorious for being more expensive than the rest of South America
  • Money ­– don’t carry large sum notes around and always ensure you aren’t receiving counterfeit money back as change.



Iguassu Falls

275 falls spanning 5km from the Argentinian side to the Brazilian side, Iguassu is a highlight of both countries. There are many walking trails offering spectacular views. You will be mesmerized by the huge clouds of mist churned up by the force of the Falls; and will hear the calls of brightly coloured toucans, parrots and humming birds that live in the surrounding jungle.

Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon is an ecosystem unrivalled in size as well as diversity. Travelling across the jungle is an adventure you don’t want to miss.  The Amazon River itself is the largest in the world and spans over eight countries. Taking a boat ride on this incredible river is just one of many ways to take in the spectacular nature and wildlife of the Amazon Rainforest.


If its variety you’re after, Brazil has you covered when it comes to cuisine. Each region has their own specialty dishes, from delicious fresh-water fish from the Amazon and the Pantanal through to unique African-influenced dishes in Bahia. You’ll also find German as well as Italian influences in the south and traditional classics like beans and pork from Minas Gerais. The foodie hub of Brazil is definitely, São Paulo, home to 14 Michelin-star restaurants.


Brazil’s dynamic nightlife starts with its staple: the boteco; these casual, open-sided bars are scattered all across the country. It’s a place where people gather from just about everywhere. Get your night started with a chat over an ice-cold chope (draft beer) or caipirinha  (lime, sugar and sugarcane alcohol cocktail).


  • Beautiful beaches as well as the amazing Amazon
  • Diverse wildlife – toucans, pink dolphins, jaguars and so much more
  • Buzzing nightlife
  • Adventure lovers paradise – kayaking, horse riding, surfing, hiking trails
  • Culture – carnival, samba, soccer


  • Brazil is huge so unfortunately there never seems to be enough time to see everything
  • The country is generally safe but some caution should be taken in big cities like Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo especially if you’re travelling alone

In conclusion, whether you decide to visit Argentina or Brazil, you will certainly find plenty of excitement in both cities. There are so many highlights with amazing food, buzzing cities and nightlife as well as wildlife and landscapes.  There are plenty of things to see and do in each of these amazing South American countries.  So, what are you waiting for?!

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