Accommodation Spotlight: Enaidura Camp

Meaning ‘migration’ in Maa, Enaidura is a luxury tented camp. Situated in the centre of the Maasai Mara, it is located near the confluence of the Talek and Mara Rivers. It is also home to some of the best guides in Africa, Johnson Ping’ua Nkukuu and Paul Kirui, named amongst Conde Nast’s finest. Enaidura takes a low-impact, eco-friendly approach with its accommodation, but that does not mean every care and consideration are not afforded. Enjoy unwinding after sundowners in spacious tented suites, your own private oasis amongst the acacia trees.

Here is one family’s experience…

Just when we thought safari in Africa couldn’t get any better, we arrived at Enaidura Camp, greeted by eight Maasai Mara warriors in full voice. What a welcome and a pleasing thought that they’d be standing guard over us for the duration of our stay in the wild.

We were then escorted down a track through the bush to discover a little haven on the banks of a river, where our tented accommodation would be for the next couple of nights. Looking across the river, we could see our neighbours; two hippos and a huge crocodile, all gladly at a safe distance. If anyone had told me I’d have done this, I’d tell them they were crazy, but Africa has a way of helping you live in the moment. It’s enormously rewarding, being taken out of your comfort zone and being at one with the environment around you. We had never done anything like this before. Even the bucket showers were great; the perfect temperature and the water falls gently. What a magical experience.

Staying at the camp, our tents were luxurious, but authentic. The food was simple and delicious and the table setting stylish and relaxed. While the wi-fi was down for a while, no-one cared, even our kids to our amazement. The natural sensory overload helped create connections with each other, the staff and the accompanying guests.

Sitting on a couch near the dining area, we relaxed with our guides, laughing and chatting, as we could hear a pride of lions in the near distance, walking behind the tent. You’d normally think this would be disconcerting, but instead you feel safe; the Maasai are looking after you and you could not be in safer hands.

The game drives were great, as again, we had our own personal driver for the two days we were there. Watching the sunset from atop a hill was an experience we will never forget. Having come from Melbourne, we brought a footy and our son tried teaching the Maasai how to kick. What laughter ensued, as fun things like this break down barriers and we found a connection that made us feel part of their family.

On the last morning, the team at Enaidura surprised us with a cooked breakfast on the bank of a huge river, watching dozens of hippos live their best lives. The noise they make is something to behold. This time away gave us all a perspective on life that I hope we can maintain as a family back in the cut and thrust of our busy lives in Melbourne. Enjoying the moment and cherishing the simple things, it was a life changing experience and absolute 10/10. The kids wanted to stay longer, but fortunately we’d created family memories that will live in our hearts and minds forever.  Thank you Enaidura for an experience of a lifetime.

Excerpt by Naomi, travelled with African Travel Specialists January 2023

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