48 Hours in Bogota

48 Hours In Bogota

So you want to make the best of your time in Bogota? Have we got plans for you! Explore bustling markets, see the fascinating sights of this great city and witness the breathtaking natural sights of Bogota. Read on and we’ll let you know where to eat, the best neighbourhoods and the best getaways…


Mercado de Paloquemao

A flurry of people and colours, explore this market in search of a delicious breakfast. Choose from anything and everything– this market claims to contain “all of Colombia in one single place”. Sample an incredible array of fruits and vegetables, fresh seafood and meats, and cooked meals. For a little bit of everything, you can’t go past this market!


Le Candelaria

Begin the day by visiting the neighbourhood’s hotspots. The Museo Botero is famed for its collection of Fernando Botero’s unmistakeable paintings, as well as other works from artists such as Dali and Picasso.

Continue to the Gold Museum, which is home to more than 55,000 pieces of gold. The largest gold museum in the world, view pieces from pre-Hispanic culture and sculpted gold works.


There’s no better place to stop off for lunch than at La Puerta Falsa in the neighbourhood of Le Candelaria. Dating back to 1816, this historic restaurant is famous for their traditional Colombian food. Enjoy a tamale or ajiaco (chicken and potato soup), and ensure you sample the Colombian speciality: hot chocolate with cheese!

Whilst in La Candelaria, keep an eye out for the incredible street art that this area is famous for. Explore alleyways and streets, each home to a different style, and view incredible murals, many displaying captivating stories.

Spend the Night

Chicaque National Park

Also known as the “Cloud Forest of Chicaque”, this enchanting national park is just under an hour outside of Bogota. A nature reserve nestled high in the clouds, it offers a tranquil getaway from the bustling Bogota. Hike over 20km of trails; seek out incredible birds such as the toucan, cotinga and hummingbird or zip line through lush canopies. At the end of a long day, fall asleep in a tree house amongst the clouds…



Spend this morning exploring Usaquen; known for its gastronomic experiences, incredible flea market and nightlife. Indulge in a variety of cuisines from French to Spanish to Italian, and enjoy trying a bit of everything at the Usaquen market. Find handmade goods, jewellery and souvenirs as you make your way through the streets of this charming neighbourhood. In the main square soak up the atmosphere and see the human statues and street performers. If you have spare time, or just want to have a relaxing afternoon, be sure to check out Cinema Paraiso, which shows a mix of independent and mainstream films.


Salt Cathedral

Although not actually a cathedral, the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira is a marvel nonetheless. Situated just an hour outside Bogota, this functioning church is located 180 metres underground. Carved from a salt mine dating back to the 5th century, the cathedral was opened in 1995 to the public. Today, wander through 14 chapels connected by tunnels depicting the Stations of the Cross. Unlike anything else, this otherworldly underground is well worth the visit.

Enjoy the Sunset


Seen from almost anywhere in Bogota, stunning Cerro de Monserrate is a must do. Take the iconic funicular to the top, which boasts breathtaking views of Bogota. Or, for the nature lovers, take the short hike up the mountain. At the top, enjoy spectacular views and visit the church dedicated to the Fallen Christ altar, dating back to the 1650s. Finally, if you’ve timed it just right, sit back and watch the stunning sunset over all of Bogota…

Bogota has so much to offer, and you could easily spend way more than two days there.

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